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The 5 steps to power a life of purpose

When Tom Barber and Sandra Westland looked at the areas that the people they worked with struggled to get to grips with, and which once they had this made all the difference, 5 specific elements of their lives kept coming up again and again. These are: 1. The ability to discover and unlock your potential

How to Turn Up Your Motivation

Imagine you were able to simply flick a switch and turn your motivational force up. Your motivation suddenly appears in full force and you experience a wonderful sense of inspirational energy. Sound a little too unrealistic? Well – how about first reaching out and moving an imaginary dial so that the intensity of your motivation

How to Access Your Unconscious Mind

“According to an ancient legend, there was a time when ordinary people had access to all the knowledge of the gods. Yet time and again, they ignored this wisdom. One day, the gods grew tired of so freely giving a gift the people didn’t use, so they decided to hide this precious wisdom where only

How to Deal with an Inner Conflict

How often have you heard yourself saying, ‘A part of me wants to … move jobs, end a relationship, have children, go on holiday, etc.’, but another part of me is just too scared, busy, broken or confused? Maybe sometimes you feel pulled in several different directions, unable to make a choice as to what

Discover how Strategies and Meta Programs can Accelerate Change

In his latest interview with Marina Nani from Radio WORKS World, Tom talks about the psychology of accelerated change, how inner strategies for organising our perceptual sensory data and the subsequent meanings we make of our experiencing are influenced by the meta programs we operate by, and also how his 360 degree observational pattern technique

Intelligent Self Help with Tom Barber and Marina Nani on RadioWORKS

Listen to Marina Nani interview Tom Barber about intelligent self-help and how you can use emotion and mindfulness to improve your life. Tom shares his story of finding hope, working with Patch Adams in Russia, and finding peace and humanity in China. Today, only on Radio W.O.R.K.S World™ … Please follow and like us:”>Follow

Get The Midas Touch Book for Free

The Midas Touch with #1 Bestselling Author’s Tom Barber, Sandra Westland and NY Times Bestselling Author Joe Vitale Millions of people around the world have discovered the power of The Law of Attraction. They’ve learned that through their thoughts, actions, and beliefs they can create their own reality. Each and every component of your life