Imagine you were able to simply flick a switch and turn your motivational force up. Your motivation suddenly appears in full force and you experience a wonderful sense of inspirational energy. Sound a little too unrealistic? Well – how about first reaching out and moving an imaginary dial so that the intensity of your motivation is turned up from, say, 5 to 6, or 7 or 8!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were that simple? Well, I have used this method in my workshops and with clients with just this kind of amazingly powerful outcome.

The intricate workings of the mind have often been linked to that of a computer, so let’s use this analogy to teach your subconscious mind how to reassert control over your motivation, whether that’s at work, to study or to exercise, through the Master Control Room technique.

The main thing to begin with is that you have a way of gauging how much your motivation increases as we move through the technique. This is what helps you capture the changes and make them real for you. Imagine on a scale of 1 to 10 exactly where you instinctively know your motivation should be at for the task at hand.


So, once you have chosen your desired motivational intensity level at this stage, we can then move onto using the technique. You might want to take yourself into the hypnotic trance state that this technique really works well with, which you can do using a self-hypnosis technique, but you don’t need to, you can just visualise the process. This will begin to connect you to the inner resources of your subconscious mind, at which point you will be ready to move onto getting mega-motivated with the Master Control Room technique.

So, once you have got comfortable, the next step is to imagine the following scene. You can do this easily with your eyes open. We do this when we daydream all the time. Imagine the scene unfolding as follows:

Imagine that you are going on a journey, a journey to your inner control room – the Master Control Room of your mind where everything is taken care of. The control room is where all of your bodily functions, emotions, thoughts and everything that happens inside you is controlled from. Put yourself at the entrance of the control room, standing in front of a door. Become aware of what colour the door is, and what size it is, and then gently push the door open and walk on into the control room. This is the control room of your mind, and inside here you can control, adjust, turn up, turn down, regulate and fine tune anything you want to.

As you walk through the control room, take a look around and just get a sense for all of the control panels, each one taking care of a specific function within you, so you’ll notice that there are lots of control panels! You might notice also the sounds they make, whirring away as they regulate how you are working, from the inside out. Then you keep walking and come across the panel that regulates your levels of motivation.

You go to the motivation control panel now, and notice what you see, and the sounds your hear it making. On the panel there are a number of switches and buttons and dials and lights, each one controlling the levels of your motivational force, which can be shown through the indicator screen on the control panel. We can now make the adjustments needed to heighten that force.

Look at the panel now and notice the indicator and the intensity level it is at now – between 0 to 10 – the number it’s set at now indicating the level of motivation that you want to increase. Now, reach out and turn up the dial controlling the intensity … and slowly turn it up higher … and higher, until it reaches the level of intensity that your inner subconscious mind knows instinctively is the exact right level for you.


As you turn it up, hear the noises of the control panel slowly changing, and very soon the indicator shows the intensity level at just the right level for you. Notice what number it’s showing now. Maybe it’s up to 7, or 8 or 9. You’ll know deep inside what’s right for you. Just be guided by your mind. And when it’s there, just feel the excitement. Then you can move your attention to one of the switches or buttons that will lock that indicator at the correct setting, keeping it there so that it permanently stays in that position, controlling all of those feelings of motivation at the level that suits you.

When the indicator is locked off, then you can step away from the control panel and breathe a sigh of relief, as now … you are in control, you now are the one that dictates how that control panel works, and from this moment forward you become in charge of any changes that you need to make there for your motivational force, or indeed in any of the other panels in your Master Control Room.

Now, you can walk back through the Control Room and back to the exit, walking through the door and closing it tight behind you, letting yourself then drift back to your special place of calm and peaceful relaxation, and after a few moments you take a deep breath, return to full mindful awareness, and stretch.


So, how was the experience for you?

Keep practicing returning to your inner Control Room to master your levels of motivation at work, in study or to exercise. Remember, the more you keep doing this, the more you will condition the inner psychological states you wish to achieve.

Keep mastering,